Our well trained as well as certified X-Ray technicians provide 24/7 service for patient convenience. We have state-of-the-art digital X-Ray suite which enables to take the highest quality medical pictures of joints, bones, and spines. Due to the installation of such advanced technology, our radiologists are able to reveal the hidden cause of health concern.

We take special care of our patients while they are undergoing such a radiology procedure. Our radiologists use the lowest possible radiation dose by using updated standard techniques. Moreover, our radiologists are well trained and know how to have tightly-controlled X-Ray beams. This ensures patient receive minimal radiation exposure in the body parts which is not required to be imaged.

Our X-Ray Facilities:

  • 24×7 X-Ray service for patient convenience
  • Advanced digital X-Ray facility
  • X-Ray pictures are available on the same day
  • X-Ray reports are available within 24 hours
  • X-Ray report consulting appointment is available with priority
  • Report building through thorough examination by our experienced Radiologists

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