General physicians are well-trained doctors who provide a range of non-surgical treatments for adults. They treat for difficult, unusual and serious medical issued and continue to see them until the issue is completely relieved. Much of their works take place in hospitals and some of them give treatment in their consulting rooms. The unique combination of knowledge and skills distinguishes them from other specialists.


General physician consultation:

  • General consultation can track the progress of a medical condition, manage the disease, prevent potential health issues, and improve life and movement, and extended life as much as possible.
  • Regular general consultation can help you by giving a fighting chance even to a dreadful medical condition.
  • If the general physician’s scope of training, experience, and expertise is inadequate to meet the needs of the patient, then he can refer him to a specialist to get proper and better care.
  • General consultation includes the various procedure for diagnosis as well as management.
  • General physicians use diagnostic tests logically, safely, and effectively for investigations.
  • Pre and post-operative assessment are taken by general physicians. So they can assess the possibility of any risk factor.
  • They are trained with the social and psychological impact of the disease.

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