We have 4 Ultramodern Operation Theatre in our hospital with well-trained OT Assistants & nurses to serve absolute care services to our patients. We highly maintain quality medical facilities and hygiene in order to ensure prevention of surgical site infection.

Patients with variety of chronic and immune-compromising conditions and patients of older age are kept strictly under control in our safe and salubrious operating theatre. Surgical wounds are healed on a quick process through periodic checks and maintenance.

Our staffs are instructed to go through proper training program on frequent basis so they handle patients better in OT. They are bound to follow certain guidelines strictly to maintain the environment of OT (such as air-conditioning systems, exchanges of filtered air per hour, positive pressure, and so on). Our surgical care reaches the quality where it reduces the considerable risk of death or severe complications.

Exclusive OT at Manmohini Healthcare Pvt Ltd

  • Well-trained OT Assistants
  • Licensed care providers
  • Safe and salubrious operating theatre
  • Strict maintenance of OT environment
  • 4 Ultramodern Operation Theatre


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