Our hospital is the safest childbirth environment for you and your baby. If you need a cesarean section, and if there are any complications, it is the only place that you can have one.


 Birth delivery services in the hospital:

  • Pain medications are available during labor if the women require that.
  • Hospitals offers childbirth and prenatal education classes for parents and the family.
  • Labor can be induced, if necessary.
  • The baby is usually electronically monitored throughout labor.
  • Many hospitals offer low-risk delivery, often known as family-centered care.
  • Obstetrician/ Gynecologist are well-trained doctors in women’s health and reproduction. They can handle high-risk pregnancies and also C-section.
  • In the hospital deliveries, you might be able to use a certified-midwife. Registered nurses attend deliveries to take care of the mother and the baby.
  • On-staff pediatricians and sophisticated newborn medical technology are available in hospitals to give necessary medical care to the baby.
  • If the baby experience any medical complications, then neonatal intensive care unit (NIUC) will be there for specialized care.

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